Reasons to choose a hotel automation system


To reduce management costs

A hotel automation system allows greater simplicity in the management and greater efficiency in energetic terms. It allows to economize helping you to bring down the energy consumption for light, heating etc. till 30-40%.

For safety of the structure

An automation system provides an extremely high safety standard that can prevent thefts or intrusions. The modern hotel automation systems are capable of interfacing with Anti-intrusion systems, but also with Fire Detection systems and Emergency Call Systems to ensure a unprecedented safety’s level.

To distinguish yourself from the mass

Technology, efficiency, design and more guest services provide the ability to stand out among the competitors. The customer will be more inclined to choose a structure that will have an added value and give him the comfort he needs. Choose an hotel automation is equivalent to choose a luxury hotel, whose service quality will definitely tempt the customer to return.

For the future

The future of the hotel industry is the hotel automation. Today hotels who want to excel in their field can not renounce from giving that little bit extra to their customers. The automation technology allows improved management and energy efficiency thus helping to avoid waste and to embrace an optimized business model and environmentally friendly.

To have a total control of the whole structure

A hotel automation system allows you to interface and control all devices in the structure, to control and optimize timing of your employees, to ensure supervision service of each room directly from reception; in other words: to have a total control over your hotel.


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