Hotel Villa Flori

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About This Project

Choosing DOMINA Hotel does not only mean choosing the best service for the guests, but it means also making your own hotel safer, more comfortable and functional.

This is the case of the Hotel Villa Flori, a classical hotel located on the shores of the Como Lake, that choosing DOMINA Hotel, has set up a highly advanced hotel management system. Thanks to the integrated technology of this system, the hotelier is able to remotely monitor each room, checking real-time availability, but also to reduce any inefficiency to guests and energy waste, everything easily from the reception display.

Choosing Ave, Hotel Villa Flori, it opted for solutions that perfectly combine elegance and comfort. Custom external readers both give a touch of elegance and integrate an advanced transponder reader that can communicate with the Ave software.

Design, technology and practicality, thanks to Ave, characterize the Hotel Villa Flori. Here you can find an excellent service directly overlooking the landscape of the Como Lake.


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