Comfort functions

DOMINA Hotel marks an important evolution in the management of the hotels. The technology adopted by DOMINA Hotel in fact ensures high standards in terms of energy saving, comfort and design.

Thanks to its integrated functions, the system developed by Ave can also meet the most demanding requirements of luxury hotels. So these structures are able to set up suites and an hotel that integrate all comforts for their guests.

The main COMFORT functions are:


DOMINA Hotel allows an automatic management of the courtesy light and local or remote management of room lighting with regulation of the light intensity level through DOMINA plus controls and actuators. The lighting in this way can translate into a real opportunity for guests and the hotel. Even more control is equivalent to an excellent service designed to limit disruptions, reduce energy consumption and increase electrical safety.


The Ave Hotel automation system allows you to locally or remotely manage shutters and motorized blinds through DOMINA plus controls and actuators. DOMINA Hotel allows to control the blinds placed inside each room in an easy and intuitive way for guests while the management is also possible from the reception in order to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.


Many rooms, different environments, many lifestyles. In a hotel coexist multiple related needs both of users and structure. Among these, the temperature control emerges for importance.

Being able to set up, manage or automate this control means to ensure an optimal service for guests and takes advantage of lower costs and a more efficient management. Thanks to its technology, DOMINA Hotel is able to govern every single thermal zone satisfying each need.



Simply inserting the card into the internal reader, the guest is able to regulate autonomously the temperature inside the room setting the desired degree through the special hotel automation thermostat that do the function of local control interacting with the heating and cooling systems.


The advanced DOMINA Hotel system allows the property to automatically manage the heating and air-conditioning for each room and common room placed inside its hotel. In addition to performing the function of the local control panel, the thermostats also perform the function of a probe for detecting the temperature in the environment where they were installed. The thermostats are also able to communicate with other devices such as the room control unit, the external reader, the internal one and the programmer card MIFARE®.

Depending on how they are installed and configured, the thermostats can operate in stand-alone mode or connect to the network allowing the ability to handle the temperature directly from the reception PC or an automatic management by system. The hotel management software designed by Ave is able to recognize the absence of guests as well as the presence of open windows in order to amend the temperature on one of three set levels and minimize energy waste.


Especially recommended for those hotels that want to devote only the best to their guests, the Scenarios function allows you to recreate the ideal atmosphere for different needs and occasions. Easily configurable these scenarios can be stored and activated every time you want through practical and stylish Touch Screen placed in the room or remotely from the supervisor PC to recall, for example, a “No host” Scenario with lowered blinds and disconnected loads in order to avoid unnecessary energy waste.


The Sound Diffusion System proposed by Ave represents an elegant solution for hotel suites and luxury rooms. DOMINA plus allows integration with TUTONDO MondoT system that can be conveniently controlled via Touch Screen. Besides the special built-in version, trough special boxes you can install the speakers on the wall and expand the range of possible furnishing solutions. The Ave loudspeakers give high quality sound, that the user can easily manage through the stereo volume control or via Touch Screen. With a modern and refined design, these sound solutions are able to embellish any environment.


By means of special interfaces, which allow to read and import into any building automation system signal from a sensor with analog output, you can create multiple automation applications (customized according to your needs) as triggering antifreeze system for driveways or avenues, managing of photovoltaic electricity production, retiring the motorized blinds in case of wind or even managing and timing irrigation systems depending on weather conditions. DOMINA: The maximum comfort for guests and hotel.


Using the appropriate Load Control Device and the home automation system DOMINA plus, you can keep under control energy consumption. This means that you can constantly monitor energy consumption, but not only. The device 53AB-ECO can also be associated with different counters, so the Ave home automation can keep under control also the water and gas consumptions in order to return to you a closer view on your real expenditures helping you in the hotel management.


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