Maiano’s Tower Suite – Fiesole (FI)

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About This Project

Thanks to its refined mix of design and technology, AVE brings its signature inside an excellence suite: Maiano’s Tower. A timeless place, full of meanings and history, that today became a symbol of a new hospitality’s concept.

Everything stems from the inventiveness of the famous architect Simone Micheli and Earl Miari Fulcis, owner of Fattoria di Maiano, who wanted to give a new life to this neo-gothic tower: from a secret place to an elegant luxury suite with Ave Touch controls. Selected by architect Micheli touch technology enters the tower through clear white glass front plates of the Vera Touch series, giving a new and informal contact with the light. Perfectly coordinated with the commands, AVE sliding plates also support the needs related to use and safety. Thanks to a patented system, which allows the plate to literally “slide” on the socket, it’s therefore possible ensuring greater security for guests.

On the hills between Fiesole and Florence – the same places that, centuries ago, have welcomed figures like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Vasari and Lorenzo The Magnificent – the Maiano’s Tower is an attractive pole of undoubted importance, which today relives of a new beauty. Simone Micheli gives birth to a new hospitality and luxury concept, empathic and tangible, where AVE is an important protagonist.

Ave Touch, DOMUS 44, VERA 44

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