Hotel Nettuno Jesolo

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About This Project

Placed in a prime seafront location on Venetian coast, in Jesolo town, Hotel Nettuno offers its guests maximum comfort through the AVE solutions dedicated to the hospitality.

Over 100 exclusive environments, from hotel rooms to stylish aparthotel, where there are the elements of AVE wiring accessories series Allumia 44. Hotel Nettuno offers different solutions for a relaxing holiday. The rooms of this prestigious location are “connected” to each other by the elegance of Allumia. “44 moulded” front plates are declined in natural aluminium colour with chrome inner frame. These elements integrate seamlessly in each room of Hotel Nettuno, while Allumia Touch plates in natural brushed aluminium with touch controls represent the modern imprint of this hotel.

From suites to standard rooms, from aparthotel to the romantic room, on each wall are clearly visible the Allumia 44 elements. AVE card readers provide a secure and reliable access system for the rooms and integrated services, electronic thermostats guarantee full control of room temperature, the built-in universal USB chargers allow quick charging of tablets, smartphones and portable electronic devices, and finally the new home automation supervisor TS01 expands the services offered to the guests. Behind an elegant colour LCD 4.3” display there is in fact a highly advanced device that is able to perform all the functions of evolved DOMINA automation system.

Thanks to AVE and its wide range of solutions for hospitality, Hotel Neptune is able to combine a prestigious location on the sea with unique environments, designed to return the maximum comfort for guests.

ALLUMIA Touch, Tecnopolimero 44

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