Villa Trovatore

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About This Project

Inserted in a completely restored seventeenth-century context, Villa Trovatore is one of the most fascinating places to house in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Thanks to its design, Ave puts its signature on an excellence hotel. In a wing of the ancient villa, it offers rooms cured in every details, valuable environments characterized by stone, the element that maintains contact with nature and to the park that surrounds the building. Personal 44 plates of Life Touch and Domus Touch Ave’s Wiring Accessories Series are inserted discreetly to embellish the walls, serving as distinctive, modern and refined elements. To access to their room services, guests have only to inserts their card into the internal readers. From that moment their rooms begin to transform according to their needs, avoiding unnecessary waste of energy in their absence.

Villa Trovatore is also equipped with DOMINA Hotel: therefore, reception becomes a real interactive control center. Receptionist can check the rooms and manage bookings, simply from her desk.

DOMINA Hotel and Ave’s products enter into these environments offering solutions that integrate the best services for guests and an easy management for direction: relaxation and comfort are assured in any environment.

LIFE 44, VERA 44

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