StraVagante Hostel (VR)

Ostello StraVagante VR 1 Ostello StraVagante VR 2 Ostello StraVagante VR 3 Ostello StraVagante VR 4 Ostello StraVagante VR 5 Ostello StraVagante VR 6 Ostello StraVagante VR 7 Ostello StraVagante VR 8 Ostello StraVagante VR 10 Ostello StraVagante VR 11 Ostello StraVagante VR 12 Ostello StraVagante VR 13 Ostello StraVagante VR 14 Ostello StraVagante VR 15

About This Project

The StraVagante Hostel inaugurates an innovative hospitality concept. First social hostel of Verona, StraVagante is managed by people with disabilities and it’s prefigured to offer hospitality without barriers thanks to AVE DOMINA Hotel automation solutions.

Advanced AVE card readers facilitate room’s accessibility.  Innovative TS01 hotel automation Touch screens allows guests to control the room’s functions, such as lighting, thermoregulation or “Do not disturb”, and to watch local tourist, weather and hostel information in a simple and extremely intuitive way through icons and interactive menus or directly from the guest’s smartphone.

Taking advantage of AVE DOMINA Hotel flexibility, the StraVagante Hostel has integrated within the guest cards also the possibility of access to additional services, such as the use of the hair dryer. Furthermore, in order to give formal and aesthetic uniformity to the project, each switch, socket, card reader and thermostat are surrounded by the elegant Young front plates and the exclusive white AVE Domus 100 shade.

The result is a hospitable masterpiece without barriers, in which AVE DOMINA Hotel system intervenes to simplify management and offer maximum comfort.

Ave Touch

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