Residenza L’angolo di Verona

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About This Project

This B&B is set in the very city center of Verona and presents refined rooms with elegant settings designed to offer the best to its guests and, thanks to AVE, the utmost safety and convenience to owners.

Specific choices, as the Art-Nouveau furnishing, blend well with the minimalist design of the Ave solutions. Every control point is capillary integrated with the refined style of the environments through the “44 moulded” front plates of the Domus Touch Series. The white color and glossy finish mitigate the soft colors of walls, while the transponder reader placed outside each room offers a premium service for guests and helps the hotel manager to provide maximum security to the structure.

The Residenza l’Angolo di Verona is located not far from the Arena and presents itself as a refined, elegant and modern place where the design and the made in Ave technology help to make these spaces very human friendly. This is the ideal solution for your stay in the heart of the city of Verona.

Ave Touch

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