Gioberti Art Hotel

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About This Project

Gioberti Art Hotel is located in Rome. A noble nineteenth-century palace becomes an innovative hotel concept, a space where art, culture, design and automation can mix to create a new idea of hospitality.

Situated near the wonderful Santa Maria Maggiore Church, Gioberti Art Hotel presents a contemporary interpretation of the interior, where every detail is designed to ensure the best comfort. While paintings and sculptures divide environments and give a touch of exclusivity to this structure, Ave’s hotel automation and solutions guarantee a service always up to expectations.

From the evolved Vip System Touch, which allows you to get into the room simply by backing its surface with a card, up to the technological thermostats with integrated environmental probe, all Ave device gives an informal practical and functional contact for you and ensure a greater safety for operators who can supervise and control their hotel directly from the desk monitor. All that without giving up to a modern design that coordinates perfectly with the Ave glass plates “Vera 44” of LIFE Touch and DOMUS Touch Series that surround switches and sockets.

Gioberti Art hotel opens the doors to a new hotel concept, a place where the cultural appeal is signed by prestigious artists, while comfort, design and integrated technology by Ave.

LIFE 44, VERA 44

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