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Ave Company Profile

AVE Company Profile
Technology and Design

The combination of design and technology is the strong point of the entire production of AVE, a brand that symbolises the concept of “Made in Italy”, and forms the added value on which the company has built its philosophy.

Each AVE product is the result of the most advanced production technologies, sound sector-specific know- how, and concrete experience gained working alongside architects, technicians and installers.

Poster DOMUS 100
Light up your style

Domus 100 is the AVE series aimed to increase design freedom and flexibility during building phase, with a lot of aesthetics and technologies for any kind of environment.

With Domus 100 it is very easy to find the perfect combination to meet the system requirements, aesthetic and budget needs for each customer. Domus 100 was created to inspire new design solutions. You can match all the materials, the S44 aesthetics and AVE technologies in combination with Domus 100 series.

Poster TEKLA 44
Only one series, everybody finds his style

TEKLA 44 is the latest AVE wiring accessories series designed to reduce costs and ensure maximum flexibility.

Today you can make your hotel a technological modern environment with TEKLA 44. This Series is the ideal solution to complete systems equipped with touch commands. You can also choose the original concept with toggle that retrieves the ON/OF toggle system making it topical again.

Brochure New Style & England Style

Brochure New Style & England Style
Light up your style

The “retro” collections are composed by three different toggle controls, which AVE combines front plates of noble materials. Three different proposals, each devoted to a different way of spaces’ interpreting.

The New Style 44 collection in alluminium and glass is ideal for modern hotels. The New Style 44 collection in Corian is dedicated to those hotels with genuine and minimalist open spaces, while the England Style 44 collection in wood is aimed at classical hotels.

Home automation certified KNX

Home automation certified KNX
Ave design in KNX technology

AVE system 44 design fits KNX Technology. Available in glass or aluminium versions and in a lot of colour variants, AVE Touch front plates recover minimalist essential aesthetic lines in order to redefine the concept of style. Ave KNX range contains the main modules of the system.
They are designed to express the best of: multifunction, scenarios, alarms management and programmable logics.

Brochure Young Touch - The world at your fingertips

Brochure Young Touch

The world at your fingertips

Hospitality becomes smart with Young Touch. The innovative range of Young Touch front plates offers effective solutions for hotel accommodation, with access control, digital and contactless keys, and courtesy signs. The moulded, combined with touch technology, comes in a range of innovative finishes, with all the functions you require.

Young Touch reduces costs, not comfort. Various controls specifically for energy saving allow you to cut pointless energy consumption, optimising lighting, heating, safety and air conditioning. Hospitality is undergoing innovation.

Design and References Catalogue

AVE 2016

Choose the “Made in Ave” design. Dedicated to architects, planners and designers, this catalogue presents the features that make unique and innovative our wiring Series.
From technology to materials, each product amazes thanks to its aesthetic lines that redefine the contact with light, hotel automation and rooms. Light up your senses by touching an emotion.

Ave Ventilation Catalogue

Ave Ventilation Catalogue
DomusAir 2016

Domus Air is Ave’s brand for residential and industrial ventilation. The wide range of capabilities allows us to satisfy all requirements in terms of air exchange.
From small rooms, such as bathrooms and toilets, to wider areas such as corridors and lobby, each lodging has a tailored solution that guarantees an adequate ventilation.

Domina hotel brochure


From now your hotel will never be the same. We imagined the objects that make up the hotel, both traditional and hotel automation ones, as new elements where innovation meets design and technology.

With DOMINA Hotel you have in your hands the fruit of a dream developed with passion, a completely new “Made in Italy” way to imagine your hotel.

Allumia touch brochure 2016

Allumia Touch Brochure 2016
Touch an emotion

Light up your senses with AVE, the emotional technology has come. Driven by the soft LED light, your fingers gently touch Allumia surface, the light turns on, magic, under your soft touch.

The use of anodised and brushed Aluminium together with “Ave Touch” technology give life to new objects, with unique design.

Life touch brochure 2016

LIFE TOUCH Brochure 2016
Light up your senses

The night becomes day, what was hidden is revealed. Ave Life Touch Series obeys your orders turning dreams into desires. The color essence is realized.

The environment that you wanted is finally reality: Life Touch is the first black wiring accessories Series that allows you to embellish the electrical system through a real piece of furniture.

Safety security catalogue anti-intrusion and fire detection

Safety-Security Catalogue
Anti-intrusion and Fire detection

Anti-intrusion Systems, Sutomatic Fire Detection Systems, Technical Alarms, Emergency devices and Home Automation systems, which allow building control via personal computer: here are the solutions for a market that demands simplicity of operation and quality of certified products.

Through Safety-Security Catalogue Ave provides a concrete answer to protect your building from hazards such as gas, water and thieves.

Multi-touch control

with customizable symbols

Available in both traditional and home automation version, Ave Multi-touch control device allows you to combine the elegance of glass with up to six customizable commands.

Plates of various colours are used to manage different types of command with the ease of a touch.
The innovation signed by Ave Touch continues.

Emergency enclosures leaflet


Ave offers on its catalogue different solutions to make your hotel a safer place.
Particularly suitable for hotel facilities, the IP55 breaking glass emergency panel is the ideal solution to manually activate an emergency signal.

Barcelò Milan book

Barcelò Milan book

“Barcelò Milan, don’t call it business hotel” is a book conceived and developed by Simone Micheli Architectural Hero. As defined by Simone Micheli, the Barceló Milan is ” a clean rigorous essential hotel, but is also playful and especially consistent.”
Instructed to develop interior design and lighting project, the architect has designed these spaces as a true artwork selecting Ave as partner to create a real contact with light.

Emergency enclosures leaflet


Pre-programmed for the use in a “standard” system, the Anti-intrusion central unit AF996PLUS is able to manage two alarm areas, it’s equipped with a LED keyboard and has a built-in GSM dialer that allows the remote control via SMS and APP.

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