Vip System Touch, an evolved smart access

Vip System Touch, an evolved smart access

Perfectly integrated with the sophisticated building automation system DOMINA Hotel, which includes all the AVE solutions dedicated to the hotel’s management, Vip System Touch is the first device with touch front plate and transponder reader that, when installed outside of a hotel room, allows the simple automatic management of all functions related to access, occupation status of the room and “do not disturb”.

Developed to concretely optimize the service for end customers, this device boasts a simple and intuitive operation. When the card is placed next to the reader, it will open the door, while occupation status and “do not disturb” notice can be activated by pressing a button inside the hotel room, you are conveniently displayed on the reader through the dedicated LED.

Available with Ave Touch glass front plate or in the aluminium version Allumia Touch, Vip System Touch is fully adaptable to any furniture solution. It’s also possible to customize the Vip System Touch glass front plate with hotel logo and room number, which can be even more visible using the special model with backlighting.

Thanks to the integrated technology and its unique design, Vip System Touch is an innovative reliable device, which is able to simplify the functions related to access to the hotel rooms: the ideal solutions for all hotel facilities and luxury structures that seek the best for their hotel and their guests.


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