Sliding front plates for outlets’ protection

Sliding front plates for outlets’ protection

Sliding front plates for outlets’ protection

AVE offers an innovative solution for outlets’ protection: Ave Touch sliding front plates.  These products, in fact, have been designed to match practicality and safety with a refined aesthetic, perfectly coordinated with the homonymous line of touch commands.

Thanks to an AVE patented system, which allows the plate to literally “slide” on the socket outlets, it’s possible to guarantee greater security for guests. With the same benefits, it’s also possible to cover USB, TV and SAT outlets, or the socket for Aertecnica Tubò centralized vacuum systems compatible with AVE System 44.

To make the outlet immediately recognizable, it’s also possible to customize the Ave Touch sliding front plates through an extensive catalogue of symbols. The customization is made by laser technology. You can choose between a catalogue’s symbols or – in the case of logos or specific symbols – you can provide yourself the graphic element. Optionally, it’s possible to illuminate the symbols: a delicate LED will show the symbol of the socket outlet or connector, making it immediately recognizable even in the dark.

Ave touch sliding front plates are available in seven different versions: in natural or anthracite brushed aluminium and in the glass models in clear black, white and gold, or in frosted silver grey and water green.


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