In-wall universal USB charger: a modern charging

in-wall USB charger

In-wall universal USB charger: a modern charging

Ave presents the new in-wall USB charger, a solution where design and technology meet the maximum practicality and easy to use. Especially suitable for tourist facilities, this product allows guests to charge their smartphones, cameras, tablets and the most of portable devices by simply connecting them to one of the USB outputs.

Essential to offer to hotel’s customers a modern service that meets their expectations, thanks to a universal coupling (Keystone), USB charger can be installed on main Ave Wiring Accessories Series, integrating perfectly with different styles and types of furniture.

Available in two modules suitable for Ave 44 system of wiring accessories series (Domus Touch, Life Touch and Allumia Touch), the new charger device is equipped with two 1.2A USB power sockets that allow the user to quickly and simultaneously charge two electronic devices by simply connecting them to the wall outlet. In this way guests no longer have to worry about the standard of electrical outlets leaving home portable charger and adapters.

The Ave wall-in USB charger is a flexible product that stands out for technology and innovation, but also for its aesthetic lines: a real design object, a modern charging for guests, an evolved service for hotels.

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