Optical signals and step lights for hotels

Optical signals and step lights for hotels

Optical signals and step lights for hotels

AVE offers a state-of-the-art customizable solution for optical signals and step lights for hotels. It’s an innovative device, with “hidden” installation, that can be completed with exclusive Ave Touch front plates in glass and aluminium.

Designed to meet the needs of different environments, this device for light/optical signal can be customized through interchangeable films, with the possibility to regulate the light intensity in the area for customized label. So, the optical signal will be always clearly visible on the wall of hotels.

For the use of device as optical signal it’s possible to choose from a vast list of films with writings or symbols (EXTINGUISHER, ALARM, WC, etc.), while for the use as step light, stair riser light and courtesy light there are available different kinds of coloured films in order to adapt the lighting to the hotel’s needs.

The light signal module can be completed through special Ave Touch front plates in natural or anthracite brushed aluminium, or with glass front plates choosing among the different available colours: clear white and absolute black, frosted water green and silver grey. The result is a high-quality solution aimed at optical signals and step lights for hotels, that are perfectly coordinated with each other and with the electrical system.


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