Luxury B&B with AVE through automation, design and innovative solutions

Luxury B&B with AVE through automation, design and innovative solutions

Luxury B&B with AVE through automation, design and innovative solutions

The AVE automation, combined with touch screen supervisors and touch controls, becomes the hi-tech emblem of the Borea Luxury B&B. Located in a recently renovated beautiful villa, this luxury B&B has adopted innovative solutions and technologies to reserve only the best for its guests.

The elegant DOMINA plus TS05 supervisor is the distinctive element of this luxury B&B, from which the property can control every room. Behind the 15″ touch screen display, inserted in a refined glossy black mirror frame, there is in fact a highly advanced control centre, from which the property can manage modern functions such as sound diffusion.

AVE automation touch screen in a luxury B&B

Also the access system is extremely innovative. Aesthetically combined with the touch screen, Vip System Touch card readers with personalized glass plates are inserted outside the rooms to concretely optimize guests’ services. Equipped with touch front plate and a transponder reader, these devices are placed outside the rooms in order to allow a simple automatic management of all functions related to access, occupation status of the room and “do not disturb”. When the card is placed next to the reader, it will open the door, while occupation status and “do not disturb” notice can be activated by pressing a button inside the hotel room, you are conveniently displayed on the reader through the dedicated LED.

AVE automation system isn’t only technology, but also aesthetic. Perfectly coordinated with the touch screen supervisor and Vip System Touch readers, Vera Touch controls in glossy black glass give new contact with the light and the integrated automations. The touch technology also enters inside the rooms of the Borea Luxury B&B. Here we can find the white glass version of Vera Touch controls. The result is a precious solution of continuity: commands are full combined with card readers, thermostats, switches and sockets of AVE Domus Touch wiring accessories series.

AVE automation, design and technology solutions have conquered a prestigious structure such as the Borea Luxury, a highly innovative luxury B&B.

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