Young Touch: the hotel is evolving

Young Touch: the hotel is evolving

Behind a hotel room hides a dream: the door closes and the reassurance enters as an escape from everyday life. The welcome in a hotel is the secret of its success and today has a new name: Young Touch.

The hotel sector is evolving thanks to the new AVE’s range of plates and its aesthetically perfect, affordable smart solutions, because with Young Touch the luxury can enter into every hotel: it’s enough just a tap to turn on the light, a second touch to turn it off. Made of high quality polymer and characterized by an ultra-thin design, the Young Touch front plates are able to make unique your hotel. The 15 colour alternatives – five of which boast a revolutionary treatment called 3D COLOR with exclusive three-dimensional aesthetic effects – allow to integrate Young Touch in every furniture solutions providing a modern touch that embellishes the hotel and elevates the quality of its facilities.

Young Touch revolutionises the traditional concept of light command and dimming, and comes with a range of finishing elements specifically designed for the hospitality field that can also be integrated with the hotel automation system DOMINA Hotel. Through digital and contactless keys, the external card readers enable the room access control to rooms and hotel premises according to different customizable authorization levels. The internal card readers allow the activation of the room facilities (light, electricity, temperature, air conditioning, etc.) only for the enabled card, representing therefore a suitable way to maximize comfort and to limit energy waste during guests’ absence. The room thermostat has been developed to detect the temperature of the environment and to manage the thermoregulation according to hotel manager’s needs, with undoubted advantages in terms of energy and cost savings. Hotel automation DOMINA Hotel helps the staff in the management of its structure and so to minimize wastes.

AVE offers various devices, that Young Touch can dress in order to stand out from competitors. Both Touch and traditional range variants have a complete series of front plates for 3, 4 and 7 modules of AVE Sistema44 Wiring Accessories Series. It’s therefore possible to integrate the courtesy signs, step lights, emergency lights with removable torch, and to decide which outlets install choosing between different standards (English, French, American, Euro-american, …) depending on customers’ nationality. AVE also offers very practical shaver socket and in-wall USB charger equipped with two 1.2A USB power sockets that allow the user to quickly and simultaneously charge two electronic devices.

Thanks to its design, the integrated technology, hotel automation integration and its wide range of devices, AVE revolutionizes the concept of hotel accommodation: the hotel is evolving with Young Touch.


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