Video: AVE’s KNX Room Controller for hotel

Video: AVE’s KNX Room Controller for hotel

Video: AVE’s KNX Room Controller for hotel

AVE has launched the KNX Room Controller on the market! It’s a hi-tech jewel that fits inside the hotel room allowing the management of functions such as lights, shutters, scenarios, sound system and technological alarms.

It is a supervision and control device with 3.3″ OLED display, touch controls and two-zone thermostat. In fact, through the integrated temperature and humidity probe, it allows total control of a thermal zone as well as – thanks to an external probe – the supervision of a second zone. It can manage heating and cooling systems, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, as well as air quality control by means of CMV units. 

Suitable for both Italian and international standard boxes, the new AVE’s KNX Room Controller is available with both glass and aluminium plate, so as to perfectly match the touch and toggle controls with KNX technology.

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