New Style 44, the technological elegance of aluminium

New Style 44, the technological elegance of aluminium

Available in two different versions with retro design and only the best of AVE’s technology, New Style 44 aluminium collections represent the emblem of modernity and of this new trend that aims to rediscover the aesthetics of the past. A unique concept for the electrical sector.

Inserted within the new “retro” range – an absolute exclusivity on the Italian market – these collections represent a perfect synthesis between technology and design. You can choose between two different colour variants, natural or anthracite brushed aluminium, to personalize your hotel. The characteristic chrome-colored toggle controls match with ferrules and lead to a new contact with lights. The toggle system incorporates the best of AVE technology: electric diverters, buttons, rolling blind switches and switches with illuminated feedback status.

New Style 44 aluminium collections are just some of AVE “retro” range, that also offers black or white glass front plates (New Style 44), white Corian front plates (New Style 44) and walnut wood ones (England Style 44). A complete range to find in the past a priceless treasure.

All three proposals of retro range are available for both round and rectangular flush mounted boxes and meet the needs of the wider international market. In addition, not only the switches but also the shuko sockets recover the same innovative design, allowing architects and designers to propose aesthetically coordinated and complete solutions. The retro range combines with Domus wiring accessories series, for those who want white elements, and TEKLA 44, the latest AVE wiring accessories series that increases flexibility, offering all Sistema 44 solutions in opaque anthracite grey coloration. You can complete New Style 44 aluminium collections with all 44 System solutions of these two series, that can also be matched with Vera 44 brushed aluminium (natural or anthracite) front plates, which resemble the same design.

Thanks to the introduction of New Style 44 collections, AVE is now able to offer a full range of aluminium plates, all aesthetically coordinated with each other. First Italian Company that have introduced the touch technology to electric field, AVE offers an aluminium range equipped with this technology: Allumia Touch. Here too, the design is a key element of the production. Allumia Touch light control plate has a black horizontal strip who reveals a delicate blue LED light, that is instantly recognizable even in the dark. A slight depression on the plate surface allows you to locate the exact point of command, while a slight “tick sound” confirms each time the switching on and off.

A very innovative solution is offered by the sliding plate, where the aluminium plate covers the outlets ensuring greater safety and a unique elegance. Also in this case, from the back of the plate, the blue LED lets you glimpse the light plug symbol in dark conditions.

Architects and designers can thus create mixed systems where the New Style 44 and/or Allumia Touch front plates are inserted into the most visible points, while emergency lights and other devices can be completed with traditional front plates, creating a full integrated electric system.


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