Mini Touch Screen for hotel with smartphone supervision

Mini Touch Screen for hotels with smartphone supervisionMini Touch Screen for hotels with smartphone supervision

Mini Touch Screen for hotel with smartphone supervision

AVE presents the evolved mini Touch Screen for hotel, a buliding automation supervisor with 4.3″ color display. In “Hotel Management”mode, it sets new standards of comfort and automation for hotels, meeting the technological needs of guests.

This device, in fact, allows you to manage the hotel room’s automation system allowing you to control various functions, such as Do not disturb“, “Tidy request” or “Fridge Bar Refuelling“. This device also integrates the display of hotel information, such as restaurant times for example, and tourist information.  All through a simple and intuitive user interface, with icons layout and interactive menus.

Mini Touch Screen AVE for Hotel Automation

The mini Touch Screen for hotel is an added value, above all, for smart guests. If in the system, there is a concentrator function for special technological systems (code 53WBS-HUB) and appropriated configurations of Touch Screen TS01 in “Hotel Management” mode, it’s possible the local and remote control of the room automation system and the whole hotel one, allowing to manage “lights” “shutters” and “access control”. It’s able to generate web pages – accessible from Internet browsers with appropriate login through the credentials released during Check-In – which graphically represent the functions of the room: so the guests can manage it comfortably from their smartphone.

Also from an aesthetic point of view, this mini Touch Screen for hotel stands out. To meet the different needs, both of the client and the installers, it can be oriented horizontally or vertically. The compatibility with AVE S44 3+3 front plates makes this supervisor suitable for any furnishing solution, providing ample possibilities: glass, metal or moulded front plates are available and – upon request – can be customized in order to report the name and/or logo of the hotel on their surface.

The TS01 supervisor is part of the AVE DOMINA Hotel automation system as an added value, the modern face of hospitality with a smart accent.

NOTE: The camera supervision function via smartphone requires the presence of the device code 53WBS-HUB and the relative Ethernet connection with the room Touch Screen code TS01.


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