DOMINA Hotel: On line and Stand Alone versions

DOMINA Hotel: On line and Stand Alone versions

DOMINA Hotel: On line and Stand Alone versions

Thanks to DOMINA Hotel, every hotel can have an intuitive evolved and scalable system. DOMINA Hotel is available with a Stand Alone solution or in the on line version: what are the differences?

In the DOMINA Hotel On line version, each room can be monitored by the central computer of the reception, allowing you to reduce inefficiencies and optimize the management of energy consumption, thus achieving significant savings. The rooms monitoring is done by a colored lateral tab with different colors informing about the room occupancy (occupied, free, booked). The icons in the tab give detailed information. All necessary information regarding the room status are available without searching in different screens. The toolbar on the right side of the page allows the navigations from floor to floor. It is possible to manage each single component of the room, which is connected to the hotel network, using a dedicated room screen. Only enabled person can modify the functioning parmeters inside the room, so changing temperature for heating/cooling, lighting and shutters management.

The Stand Alone solution doesn’t include the supervision of of the rooms from the reception. The AVE software for the stand alone system informs you which rooms are booked and for how long. Room management allows you to keep the situation under control, avoid bothersome delays for the clients and create the client cards with expiry dates. With the user management it is possible to keep under control the situation at all times and generate access cards for the rooms to allow hotel staff to do their work without any hitches. The room maids can therefore enter the rooms to tidy them, but only if the client is not there, to avoid unpleasant inconveniences. The maintenance technician will have access to all the rooms with limits except when the client is in the room.

With DOMINA Small, medium and large hotels can find the ideal solution for their needs. In case of hotel’s enlargement or integration of new features, it will be readily increased through the adoption of new software.

DOMINA Hotel will respond to any need.


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