Ave at Gioberti Art Hotel: a new concept hotel

Ave at Gioberti Art Hotel: a new concept hotel

The seamless integration between Ave’s hotel automation and refined rooms of the Gioberti Art Hotel have created a modern and essentially innovative interpretation of the hotel concept.

Hosted by the hotel for the creation of audio-visual and photographic material posted on this website, Ave intervenes in support of the property offering an excellent service and a more intuitive simplified and enhanced management.

Gioberti Art Hotel is a modern example of this new approach to the hotel. No longer just an individual unit, but a flexible place where technology and comfort, design and art come together in an advanced space.

The Gioberti Art Hotel’s Director, Rocco Delle Grotti underlines this notion: «Today with Ave’s hotel automation, we have the opportunity to know many things about client’s stay and our structure.”

Placed inside the wonderful spaces of Gioberti Art Hotel (visible in our reference’s area), Ave’s hotel automation and technology intervene in support of the property to offer a complete evolved control of its hotel. “With the hotel automation system – continues the Director – you can even see the number of guest’s accesses into his room or how many employees intervene in a room. We are able to optimize the hotel’s costs thanks to these innovative systems that remotely intervene in various aspects of the hotel.”

Ave thanks the property and all the staff of Gioberti Art Hotel for their cooperation during the filming and the photo shoot that allowed not only the realization of this website, but also confirmed the qualities of a system designed to revolutionize the hospitality industry.


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